[Missy and Drew Massey]

Mrs. Missy Massey and her son Drew

From Our Readers

John G. - Theatrical Director and Producer

      "What a delightful heart warming story, Heather. Only a lover of dogs like you could write a book like this. I could smell the heather and feel the mist on my face. Did I hear the pipes? You know I think I did. I want more. "

Lindy S. - Dog Lover/Therapist, Educator, Retired, Mother, Wife, all-round Domestic Engineer, and Friend

      "I began reading the book (aloud) with the thought that I would get through a few chapters and finish another day . ha, ha, ha! I couldn't put it down. Even amidst tears rolling down my cheeks and a hoarse voice, I kept reading. My mother, who is losing her sight to macular degeneration, sat with her head tilted back in her recliner, and nodded in agreement with so many of your descriptions - she is an avid dog-lover and a Scotts woman at heart. James, my 24 year old son enjoyed it all too. It's a sweet, delightful, spiritual journey. Thank you so much!"

Joyce S. - Retired Public School Teacher

     "Reading Tails of the Collie Lama™ brought tears to my eyes several times. It has such a powerful meaning to those of us who have special relationships with their dogs. Knowing Ian made the book so real to me--I could just imagine him giving advice to help others along their way.      "I will cherish the book forever and share it with others. Thank you so much for the gift of the book as well as the sharing your wisdom and love to all who read it."

Kathy H. - Media Specialist

      "I got the copy of Heather's book and read it. It struck home with me on several things including being true to myself and taking care of myself. Now if I can just figure out how to do it. Tell Heather the book is wonderful. It made me stop and think about what is going on in my life. The story also made me remember all the dogs in my life and shed a few tears about them and about the characters and their situations. It is very thought provoking and I loved it."

Amy A. - Sales Associate

     "I just finished reading Tails of the Collie Lama™. Heather, it is such a beautifully told story. I am so impressed. It shouldn't remain a 'secret', I hope it finds a wide audience. It is such a GOOD story! Congratulations!"

Betty B. - Retired Public School Principal

      "I received and truly enjoyed reading the book! It is a book of wisdom to treasure!! It is also a testament to you and those who love you!! It is also a wonderful birthday gift I shall forever value! Thanks for creating a growth experience for all children of all ages."

Pat H. - Teacher

      ""The book is delightful. Way to go, Heather!"

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